What should I bring to a studio shoot?

When coming to a studio shoot at Berlin Photo Studio, consider bringing the following items to ensure a successful session:

  • Camera and Lenses: Bring your own camera and lenses if you prefer using your equipment, although we provide a wide range of professional gear.
    • Read more about our equipment, here.
  • Props and Wardrobe: Any specific props or wardrobe items that fit your shoot theme.
    • Discover our Props and Wardrobe here.
  • Makeup and Styling Tools: While we offer a makeup area, bringing your own makeup artist and hair stylist can be beneficial.
    • You want to know more about Makeup and Styling? Check our collaborators here.
  • Backup Batteries and Memory Cards: To avoid any interruptions during your shoot.
    • Read the article about Batteries and Memory Cards.
  • Personal Items: Snacks, water, and anything you might need for comfort during long sessions.
  • Prepared Shot List: Having a clear plan or list of shots can help maximize your studio time efficiently.

More Questions?

For a successful studio shoot at Berlin Photo Studio, bring your camera and lenses, specific props and wardrobe, your own makeup and styling tools, backup batteries and memory cards, personal comfort items, and a prepared shot list. Professional gear is available, but personalization is encouraged for efficiency.
To guarantee studio availability, book at least two weeks ahead, or a month for major projects needing extensive setup. While last-minute reservations may be possible, early booking is recommended to prevent inconvenience. Check our availability on our website.